Spread a little love! $1 from each pair sold goes to help women across North America!

Spread a Little Love

Every day, thousands of women across North America rely on local Women's shelters to seek relief from poverty, domestic abuse, human trafficking, and other horrendous situations. 

As a company built on supporting and empowering other women, I firmly believe it would be hypocritical of me to preach babes supporting babes, while ignoring the struggles of all of the babes out there who are struggling in life. That's why from now on, we'll be donating one dollar from every pair of lashes sold, to women's shelters around North America, so that they can continue to do all the amazing work they do. 

We just started this campaign in March 2020, and so far thanks to the support of all you lovelies, we've been able to donate over $200 to various Canadian Emergency Shelters. 

Today and every day, spread a little love babes.