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Lash Care + Application

One of the most common things I here girls say is that they would love to wear false eyelashes, but they don't know how to put them on. Thankfully due to our thicker lash bands, Little Hippie Lashes are surprisingly easy to apply by following these simple steps:
Step 1: Select Your Style
Little Hippie Lashes has many styles to choose from, start out by selecting the style you'd like! We're always here to help if you're having trouble choosing just one!
Step 2: Trim Lashes
Little Hippie Lashes are purposefully made to be longer than most people's natural eye. Once you've selected your style, it is important to measure your lashes to your natural lash line and trim them down to the right length. Cut off the excess band on both sides, then trim off small portions of the actual lashes until it matches your eye. To preserve the style of your lashes, trim lashes only from the outside of the band where the longest lashes are.
Step 3: Apply Mascara
Apply a thin layer of mascara to your natural lashes before applying your falsies. This will help your natural lashes curl up and blend into the falsies for a more natural look.
Step 4: Apply Glue
Next, apply a thin layer of glue to your lashes. I recommend the DUO Brush-On glue as it is easy to apply in a consistent, thin line. It is important not to put too much glue on as this will create excess build up and make your lashes uncomfortable. You only need enough glue for a thin line that can barely be seen.
Step 5: Wait 30 Seconds
This is the most important step that most girls miss! By letting the glue dry for 30 seconds before putting them on your eye, it allows the glue time to get nice and tacky, making the lashes stick to your eyelid right away instead of sliding around.
Step 6: Put On your Lashes
Using tweezers or clean fingers, apply your lashes just above your natural lash line. Start by lining up the lash band with the outer corner of your eye, and work your way in, pushing them down gently so they stick. To protect your natural lashes, be careful not to place the lash band directly on your natural lashes.
Step 7: Work It!
Now that your lashes are on, go show them off to the world!
When it comes time to remove your Little Hippie Lashes, grab the outer corner and gently pull up and away from your eyelid. If it feels like the band is stuck, take a Q-tip and some makeup remover and gently rub the lash band to help break up any leftover glue. Always store your lashes in their case to protect them from dirt and damage!
With proper care, your pair of Little Hippie eyelashes can stay looking fabulous for up to 35 uses.
In order to keep your lashes fresh here is a list of Do's and Don'ts:



Store your falsies in the provided package when not being worn

Clean falsies and remove built up glue regularly

Only touch your falsies with clean hands or tweezers, excess oils can cause them to break down prematurely!



Apply mascara directly to your falsies

Try to force excess glue off without using makeup remover